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Changing the Narrative: Mental Wellness in our Community & The Industry

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I want to take and make this subject mainstream and something that is not scary to us any longer. 

So I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Revolt Music Conference in Miami last week and it was a really great experience.  They had great panels on A&R, Managers, How to Make it in the Music Business, Being an Independent Artist and even a panel on How to Build your Brand & Market Yourself.  There was also a panel on Hip Hop and this political climate.  With all of those wonderful panels, there was something that was seemingly missing to me, which was addressing mental health and the music community or even artist as a whole.   By the Grace of God and the Universe I have a private practice of people that are creatives in all facets of the industry whether that's music, acting, art or dance; and it's so odd to me how we don't talk about mental health or having an objective person as a ear to listen to you in the good and bad times. 

I would have loved there to be a panel on how not to lose your head when entering the industry, which is as equally important to not losing your money or assets.  If we paid as much attention to speaking about how to be a whole person mind, body, and soul as we talk about the importance of "Securing the Bag", I wonder where we would be as a industry and as a people. With all of the people that have committed suicide in the industry I would think that the industry would be front and center to combat and fight against such an important topic, but this speaks to a larger topic that has very little to do with the industry and more with our communities and the stigma that is killing our young men and women.  See the industry is just a bi-product of how our community views speaking about mental health and suicide in general. We DON'T! Our silence is what continues to help this topic be taboo and live, thrive and get bigger and bigger. 

I want to take and make this subject mainstream and something that is not scary to us any longer.  It's time for us to change the narrative and shift the paradigm to such an important issue and topic.  My goal is to continue to use my platform and role as a therapist to evoke change and movement.  It is also my goal to have that panel on Keeping Your Head in the Industry at the 2018 Revolt Music Conference, let's  make this movement of change as important as all of movements in our community. Start Talkin'.

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