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Don't Let Fear Win: Stepping Out of Your Own Way

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

So this is my very first blog post and I have not a clue what to write.

I could say something cleaver, which I thought about, however I thought it would be most authentic to say and do what I ask many of my clients to do, which is "Don't let FEAR stand in the way of your GREATNESS".

I am officially taking my own advise.  Fear has been the #1 agent that has stripped me from the parts of myself that have been designed for greatness. 

I have for too long let fear be a part of my life in a non constructive way, who out there can relate? 

I am Taking a Stand

Realizing that if I am afraid to move forward in my goals and dreams that must mean that I am on the right track.  I sit here in a hotel room in Miami having a true understanding that I am on the brink of greatness, and I have done all the necessary preparation to take my life to the next level.  I am confident in saying that I am ready, I am prepared, I am focused and I've done the hardest part which is showed up and did the work.

I say all this because it is hard as hell to be Great, however that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it.

You have to be Great because it doesn't just affect you.  Your Greatness is contagious, when you are Great the world gets a little Greater.  There are many things that will try to get in the way of you being Great, but that is only the part of your life that will eventually become apart of your testimony.  People try to stifle your Greatness because in their life someone has stifled theirs, but they see your Greatness and they recognize their Greatness is laying dormant inside of them for fear of being hurt again.  That can't be your story/ cant't be our story.  As I write my first blog to whoever reads this, I am realizing that I am really just having a conversation about Greatness with myself.  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. 

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